Mental Health is not a Joke

Mental health is not a joke. It’s something that needs to be taken seriously. Many people struggle with their mental health on a daily basis and a large percentage keep quiet about it. Why? Because when some know that you have anxiety or depression they look at you differently. Some make jokes about it. Jim […]

DiBenedetto wins at ‘Dega; Jones 2nd – A Bad Call by NASCAR

“Denny Hamlin wins at Talladega in a close finish with DiBenedetto”, NASCAR said. For myself and many others who watched today’s race, we disagree. Matt DiBenedetto, driver of the #21 for Wood Brothers Racing, won. The Infamous Double Yellow Line NASCAR’s double yellow line rule states that driving under the line to advance position results […]

MJ Joins NASCAR; The Headline You Never Expected

Years ago if I told you that MJ was going to be a team owner in the NASCAR Cup Series, you would have probably laughed and walked away. Michael Jordan, the NBA star, involved in NASCAR? Never in a million years right? WRONG. Hamlin Announces New Team On Monday night, Denny Hamlin announced that Michael […]

Race Day Picks; One Last Chance Until Playoffs

Tonight at 7pm the NASCAR Cup Series will race one more time in the regular season. After the checkered flag waves at Daytona International Speedway at the end of tonight’s race, the playoffs begin! For the drivers who are below the cutoff line every move they make tonight is important. Wingman Sports Race Day Picks: […]

Franklin County Speedway; A Night to Remember

Franklin County Speedway. A three-eighth’s mile racetrack that sits in Callaway, Virginia with twenty-two degree banking in the turns. Although it’s located in Franklin County, a county known as the moonshine capital of the world, it’s also known for racing. A long history of racing at that. Big names you’ll recognize who have raced here […]